High Performance Program (HPP)

The Caravella Football Academy High-Performance Program is the first fully-integrated football program in Far North Queensland. Combining high-level and cutting edge football education with the latest methods in strength and conditioning, this program is for the most dedicated of footballers that want to develop themselves towards an elite level. The HPP program is now in its third year of operation, perfectly complementing club and representative commitments.

The Strength and Conditioning Program

The aim of the strength and conditioning program is to develop our athletes in all areas with an emphasis on building good foundations as they grow. There is a big focus on coordination, balance, proprioception and core strength, while also instilling good habits in regards to self care (flexibility, recovery etc).

HPP S+C coach Crios O’Hare has designed the program specific to the needs of a growing junior footballer, ensuring he is in constant liaison with football coach Zenon Caravella to meet any specific needs of a player.

Strength and conditioning aim to create the athlete first, and the player second.

The sessions

The strength and conditioning sessions will take place at Next Level Training Academy at The Grounds. Players train in small groups and the sessions go for 40 minutes.


– HPP 1-5
– HPP Development 1-2
– For advanced players aged 8-16


1 x football session, 1 x strength and conditioning session (1 day per week) – both at The Grounds Cairns


contact us for information regarding pricing and packages.