” My sons have been training at Next Level for the last 5yrs.They both love it, and want to continue doing it forever. They enjoy knowing they are continually getting fitter and stronger and seeing their results on testing days. Crios has many years of experience as a qualified trainer, and it shows through in his well designed programs that he can specially cater for his client’s needs. He has been a great mentor and friend to my sons, as he is to all his clients. Crios helped my son to return to sport after a fractured clavicle, helping him to keep his fitness and lower body strength while the fracture healed, and helping him to regain upper body strength before returning to the soccer fields again, all through his individualised program. My other son is unable to play competitive sport due to a medical condition, so NextLevel is his sport. He loves it! Crios is amazing at how he adjusts exercises to support his physical needs. The benefits my sons receive from NextLevel program don’t stop at a physical level, they have gained self confidence, improved concentration at school, and faster thinking just to name a few. “